June 26, 2017



Sadly, a high volume of auto accidents occur throughout the United States on a daily basis. While some motor vehicle accidents are minor in terms of the injuries and damages sustained, other accidents are much more severe–involving catastrophic injuries and sometimes death.

Following are some statistics regarding auto accidents and fatalities:
About six million vehicular accidents are recorded each year
• 40,000 casualties are recorded each year
• Around 40% of the casualties on the road are caused by drivers driving under the influence of either alcohol or drugs
• 30% of road casualties are caused by over speeding
• For every 14 seconds, a person gets involved in an accident, while a person dies from one every 12 minutes
• Vehicular accidents are one of the main causes of death,in people age 35 and below
• 27% of all drivers get involved in a vehicular accident at least once every five years
• Of all the recorded casualties due to vehicular accidents, half of them were found not wearing seat belts
• Top  distractions that cause accidents are eating, drinking, talking, texting or playing the radio to loud

The sad reality is that many motor vehicle accidents and motorvehicle accident fatalities could have been avoided if the people involved exercised greater caution. Reckless and distracted driving accounts for disproportionately a high number of motor vehicle accidents.

So what can a motorist do in order to avoid being involved in a car accident? There is no fail proof method to avoid auto accidents all together, but the following are some driving tips that you might want to consider following:

• Know the weather and road conditions. Roads can be slippery, especially when there’s a heavy downpour. It is best to drive slowly and exercise caution.
• If a speed limit is indicated, follow it closely.
• Seatbelts keep you in place and protected. Always wear your seatbelt.
• Perform regular maintenance on your vehicle.  Replace any malfunctioning or damaged parts.
• Never recklessly pass or tailgate another motor vehicle.
• Mind the road signs and slow down when approaching intersections.
• Keep your distance from heavy vehicles such as trucks, trailers, 18-wheelers and large freight carriers.
• Watch out for those on foot or those who are riding smaller vehicles. See to it that there are no pedestrian, joggers, or cyclists crossing or passing by.
• Never drive under the influence of alcohol. If you have had too much to drink, find a designated driver or call a cab.

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