June 26, 2017

Getting the Auto Accident Settlement You Deserve

Finalizing an auto accident settlement can take some time. Approximately 2 million people are injured in automobile accidents each year in the United States, and another 20,000 die as a result of these collisions. As people learn every day, injuries and deaths are just the start of the process. Getting a fair settlement can drag on for years.

You may consider an auto accident attorney (and a Tax attorney for IRS tax help) following your mishap. Negotiations with insurance companies can be difficult because they have countless representatives who try to minimize any payouts to claimants, legitimate or not. If you attempt to represent yourself, you may have a very long time to wait and may not get your just settlement even then. There’s also the risk that you’ll be pressured into settling for far less than what you deserve.

Hiring an Attorney for an Auto Accident Insurance Claim

Statics show that “going it alone” with an auto accident lawyer will not work for bigger financial settlements. If the case is complex, this will even hurt your chances more. If the case is one that is simple and you are not to be blamed, like a rear-end accident, then you might want to choose not to use an attorney to keep costs down.

Some reasons why you should use an accident attorney if the case fits:

  • They most likely will have connections throughout the insurance world which they can leverage.
  • They will have expert knowledge of the National and Stale laws as they apply.
  • They will know the basic fee base and how much you can ask in your settlement.
  • Their experience with other similar cases allows them to get you a higher settlement.

Filing The Insurance Claim After The Auto Accident

Your accident has happened and there will be a lot going on that you will be thinking about.  It is crucial that once everyone has been checked for serious injuries that you remain calm and get all information you can that will help you fill out the insurance claim completely and with as much detail as possible.

Use your phone (or digital camera) to take photos of all damage of all involved and the surrounding area. Even signs that may help you claim such as “no turn on red” or “speed limits”.  An auto accident attorney will need a copy of this including statements of other involved or witnessed the accident.

Seek medical attention immediately.  After an accident, you have a lot of adrenaline running throughout your body and some injuries may not be noticeable until the day after.  That is OK, just get to a clinic or emergency room as soon as possible to be checked out and get all documentation.

Keep great records of all your out of pocket expenses such as medical, lost wages, rental cars, towing charges, etc.  It will serve you well in the long run to get the auto insurance settlement you are looking for.

What Is The Correct Auto Accident Settlement For You

The more information you have the better when it comes to dealing with insurance companies. It will make the negotiations much smoother and produce a better result for you.  Be prepared to have offers and counter offers going back and forth for some time.

You should have a dollar amount you are looking for considering the hardships brought on by the auto accident. You can rest assure that the insurance company will have a number all ready for their side to offer you! Do your homework! If you have chosen an auto accident attorney, make sure you have included their costs or what their fees will be when considering what you want to end up with as well as many people seem surprised when the final amount they receive is not nearly as much due to this reason.

Auto Insurance Settlement Tactics

At this point the insurance companies are not your friend.  The funny Gecko or “Flo” are no where to be seen and now you have invaded on the dark side!  Here are some of the tactics that auto insurance companies will use against you:

  • Drag the settlement out – the longer it goes the better for them.
  • Your bad record keeping – they will use this against you.
  • Difficulty in working with you – helps make the settlement drag out so that you take an offer sooner and most likely for less.

If you are unsure about the settlement you are being offered, seek legal advice from an auto accident attorney, and don’t be intimated into accepting less than what you deserve. Search engine marketing services including SEO & paid search management services provided by FP Internet Marketing

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