May 30, 2017

Florida homeowners sued over DUI manslaughter citing dram shop law


Earlier this year in February, a West Palm Beach teenager was killed drunk-driving crash after attending a Super Bowl Party. Now, the teen’s parents have filed a civil suit against the homeowners where the driver attended separate parties. The suit claims the homeowners violated Florida dram shop laws when they served alcohol to persons less than 21 years of age and then knowingly allowed them to drive off.


The Palm Beach Post reported that the parents of 18-year-old Jamie Allen filed suit alleging that two homeowners failed to take adequate steps to prevent people under age 21 from gaining access to alcohol. The case is currently pending in the Palm Beach County Circuit Court.


The Allen family’s lawsuit claims their daughter, Jamie, first attended a Super Bowl party on February 3rd earlier this year at a house in Lake Worth. Afterward, she and a friend, 19-year-old Christopher Moffitt, drove to another party at Moffitt’s home in Lantana. Moffit was driving the whole time.


Later, he lost control of his car and crashed into several palm trees. His passenger, Jamie Allen, was killed in the crash. Moffitt was subsequently charged with DUI manslaughter, but has pleaded not guilty. The outcomes of both the criminal case and civil lawsuit against Moffit and the other, unnamed homeowner are all pending.




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