June 26, 2017

Florida’s texting while driving law is in effect

man texting while drivingOn October 1st, 2013, Florida became the 41st state to enact a law against texting while driving; officially restricting the use of mobile communication devices while a driver is behind the wheel. Earlier this year, Governor Rick Scott approved the legislation that has made it illegal to text and drive in the state of Florida.

Loopholes and Exceptions make the Ban Difficult to Enforce

Texting while driving is presently a secondary offense. This means that police cannot stop a driver solely for the purpose of texting. For this reason, Florida’s new law has been criticized as ineffective and weak. Many believe that in its current form, the law will not effectively deter drivers from texting.

Officers and deputies from numerous municipalities have chimed in citing extreme difficulties in issuing citations. Safety advocates have consistently cited the new law’s obvious shortcomings, as officers who actually see a driver texting behind the wheel cannot pull that driver over unless he/she displays other unlawful behavior such as speeding or reckless driving.

Additionally, texting is only illegal while the car is in motion. A driver is allowed to text when the car is at rest, such as waiting at a red light. Officers may not ask to see a driver’s phone to determine if the person actually sent a message unless an accident causing serious bodily injury or death has occurred. While the law addresses texting, specifically, it also does not address dialing. Manually dialing a phone number can take the same amount of a driver’s attention away from the road as reading a text message.

South Florida Senator Campaigning to Strengthen the Law and Facilitate Police Enforcement

On the same day the law went into effect, state Sen. Maria Sachs, D-Delray Beach, announced a proposed bill that would toughen the existing law. Sachs wants to change the law to make texting while driving a primary offense. As a secondary offense, the law is virtually unenforceable. However, making the law a primary offense would empower police to stop and ticket any driver observed keying or reading a text message while the vehicle is moving.

The fine would remain the same, a citation for $30 for the first offense. However, Sachs’ bill would make it much easier for law enforcement to actually ticket drivers who text. If the law is passed, aggressive ticketing campaigns aimed at stopping texting drivers could be effective in modifying the behavior of those stubborn drivers who still insist on texting.  The ban is designed to do just that, to motivate drivers to leave the cell phone alone and keep their focus on the road.

Sen. Sachs cited some common statistics regarding texting and driving:

  • Texting-related accidents (distracted driving) are the leading cause of traffic fatalities for teenagers in the US, surpassing alcohol related deaths since 2011.
  • Reading a text message occupies a minimum of 4.6 seconds of a driver’s attention – at 55mph, a vehicle travels the length of a football field in that timeframe.
  • Teens that text and drive are 50% more likely to crash and six times more likely to be killed in a crash, than teens driving under the influence of alcohol.


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Why Do Need A Motorcycle Accident Attorney

 Motorcycle Accident Lawyer – If You Need It, It Makes Sense

Going out for a nice motorcycle ride is what a lot of people enjoy doing. It takes their mind off things and there’s something about being on the open road that helps them really cope with life. However, even if out for a leisurely stroll, it is not a guarantee that you’re going to be accident free out there.  Motorcyclists have the same rights as those of normal motorists and more legislation has been passed in all states that help protect and ensure their rights.  Getting hurt in a motorcycle accident can have long-lasting effects that can damage parts of the body in an instant.  Not only that, but the trauma that is suffered at the hands of someone else’s negligence can be permanent.

Being injured in a motorcycle accident entitles you to compensation for the damages that have been caused to you – and your motorcycle.  After a motorcycle accident you are on hook for thousands upon thousands of dollars because there are hospital bills to pay, not to mention the the cost it takes to fix the motorcycle.  With all of these stressers added on top of one another it is a wise idea not to handle the claims all alone. You don’t need to deal with any of the stress involved, and it only becomes heightened when you have to deal with the other side’s attorneys (who will try to dissuade you from filing any claim against them).  But of importance to note, you may also have to deal with your insurance company short changing you.

There are benefits to having a motorcycle injury attorney working for you:

1)    They help you with your claim so you can focus on recovering and getting better.  This is probably the biggest advantage because in the aftermath of any incident, you are going to deal with a long road to recovery, especially if you had major injuries.

2)    You should have experience on your side working with you.  When you go at filing claims by yourself you are more than likely going to be behind the 8-ball.  An attorney filing on your behalf will at the very least provide you with some guidance, and it’s nothing new to them.

3)    They will fight for your full entitlement and compensation.  There is nothing more frustrating than having some of your entitlements stripped from you out of greed or oversight.

If you’ve been in a motorcycle accident you owe it to yourself to find the right help in the form of an accident attorney.  They know the laws and you shouldn’t have to suffer out of someone else’s neglect while on the road. You may be well protected with the protective gear, but after taking spills on the road, or getting hit with a car, you don’t know how much of an impact that will have on you.  One part of the healing process is getting you the compensation that you deserve.  That will take a lot of pressure off of you so you can recover.

Life Changing Amputation Claims

Sadly, at Priority Legal we deal with a lot of very, very difficult cases.  Many of these are amputation claims.  The loss of a limb is probably one of the most life-changing things that you could possibly go through.  Losing a physical part of ones self is not just physically painful and traumatic but emotionally and psychologically too.

An amputation claim that is caused by an injury, that wasn’t your fault, will leave a person devastated.  Your life has changed forever, and it is all because of something that was out of your control or the responsibility of someone or something else.

At this point you will require physical and psychological help.  Your treatment will be ongoing for the rest of your life and this will cost a significant amount of money.

Amputation claims

Claiming compensation for an amputation and personal injury is about helping you to recover the costs that you have lost, and for future costs.  Our team of experts will work out the costs for things such as:

  • Loss of earnings
  • Medical equipment
  • Adaptations to your home
  • Psychological treatment
  • Rehabilitation
  • Medication
  • Financial advice


We know what is required in an amputation claim, and it is our job to make sure that you have everything you need.  The time after your amputation claim has gone through is about finding a comfortable lifestyle.  One without money worries, one that allows you to adapt to your new life and the changes to your body. 

Obtaining the maximum level of compensation for an amputation claim is essential.  This will actually help to speed your recovery, post surgery.  By being able to afford the best care, equipment and to be able to adapt your home as soon as possible, means that you will be able to get back to a way of life that suits you.

Your amputation claim can also help to claim for cover of prosthetics, if this is something that you wish to include.  With such amazing advances in the medical world the quality of prosthetics is outstanding.  This is something you can discuss further with us.

An amputation is life-changing, that is without question.  But how you adapt to these life changes is something we can help you with.  All you need to do is to call us and chat through your situation.  We can offer advice on what you can claim for and how best we can achieve the maximum compensation for your amputation claim. 

Clive Sidcupp is a writer for http://www.prioritylegalclaims.co.uk/