June 26, 2017

Sanford Florida Motorcycle Accident

Driver cited, Sanford motorcycle officer hurt in traffic accident


Last week on Wednesday, December 4th, a town of Sanford police officer was injured in the line of duty while patrolling on one of the department’s motorcycles. The officer was thrown from the motorcycle after colliding with a car.


38-year-old Officer Tina Leman was pursuing another vehicle with the intent of pulling the driver over for a routine traffic stop. Officer Leman was behind the vehicle on 29th Street near Woodmere Boulevard. Before she could stop the driver, another unrelated vehicle travelling in the opposite, oncoming lane of traffic suddenly turned left in front of her motorcycle.  The vehicle was driven by Timothy Salvino, who claimed he did not see the officer. When Salvino attempted to turn left, Leman had no time to react and collided with the vehicle, according to Shannon Cordingly, a Sanford Police Department spokeswoman.


Cordingly also said that Leman’s injuries were non-life threatening, but that she remained in the hospital in serious condition. Salvino, a 20-year-old from Casselberry, received a traffic citation for violating the right of way, Florida Highway Patrol troopers noted. Salvino was not hurt.


No further details were provided. Preliminary information did not indicate whether alcohol played any role in the crash and police did not say whether Leman had activated the motorcycle’s lights and siren. Regardless of lights or sirens, drivers are generally responsible for watching for other cars and for motorcycles. Over half of collisions involving a car and a motorcycle occur when the car turns left in front of the motorcycle and fails to yield the right of way.





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Land O Lakes Motorcycle Accident

Land O’ Lakes motorcyclist killed in crash

On Thursday, October 17th, a local resident from Land O’Lakes died from serious injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident. According to an accident report filed by the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP), the man crashed his motorcycle into the back of an automobile stopped at a red light.

Kevin Dean Slaunwhite, 51, was riding his Honda motorcycle in the westbound lane of State Road 52, just east of Paradise Point Way, according to Florida Highway Patrol information. Ahead of Slaunwhite in the same lane was Kelly Watts, 49, and Sidney Curry, 29, both from New York. Their vehicle, a Ford Taurus sedan, had stopped at a red light.

According to the accident report, Slaunwhite failed to stop and his motorcycle collided with the back of the Ford Taurus.  Slaunwhite was ejected and landed in the center median. The crash caused serious damage and Slaunwhite died on the scene from his injuries. Emergency response units confirmed the rider had passed within a few minutes of being thrown to the ground.

The accident report also indicated Slaunwhite was wearing a helmet at the time of the crash. No word was provided on any injuries to the vehicle occupants and it was not confirmed whether alcohol, excessive speed, or any other primary factors contributed to the fatal crash.

According to recent statistics, approximately 49% of licensed motorcycle riders in the state of Florida elect to wear helmets at all times, though state law does not require it.


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Tampa Motorcycle Accident – Hillsborough County News

Tampa motorcyclist collides with deputies pulled over at traffic stop

On Friday, October 25th, two Hillsborough County Sheriff’s deputies suffered serious injuries in a crash that occurred during a routine traffic stop on Interstate 75 just outside of Sun City Center.

According to a statement issued by the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s office, Captain Steve Launikitis and Master Deputy Chris Davis had stopped a motorcyclist and were both standing on the grass shoulder to talk to him. As the group was speaking, a second motorcyclist passed closely and struck both deputies.

Further details provided by the sheriff’s office indicated that the second rider failed to see the deputies. The rider was not thrown from the motorcycle and successfully brought the bike to a stop after the collision.

Both sheriffs’ deputies were conscious and alert as they were taken to Tampa General Hospital that Friday morning. Traffic authorities shut down the southbound lanes of the interstate to facilitate thorough investigation of the accident scene. Police did not provide any further comment as to what may have caused the second motorcycle rider to drift so closely to the shoulder. It was not clear whether either rider was issued a traffic citation by deputies.

Motorcycle safety experts advise motorcyclists to ride in the “A” position of a lane at all times, except when making turns. The A position is closer to the left-hand side of any particular lane, away from the shoulder. Any further details behind the accident are pending investigation and no criminal charges are expected to be filed in connection with the incident.


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