June 26, 2017

Tampa Auto Accident Attorney & Auto Accident Lawyers In Tampa, Florida

Auto accidents can be very dangerous. Hire an auto attorney

The experience of a Tampa auto accident attorney caused by the negligence of a distracted driver can drastically change your life. If you or a loved one have been injured in a car accident, it is crucial to contact a auto accident attorney as soon as possible. Although circumstances differ for every case, many car accidents can lead to medical expenses, emotional trauma and the inability to work. An experienced attorney can help you receive the compensation and justice you deserve for the damages incurred by a car accident.

In this day and age, it is no secret that the roadways can be dangerous. Drivers are distracted by cell phones, drinking and driving is prevalent and hit and run accidents occur far too often. Unfortunately many of these car accidents can have a long term effect on one’s physical condition.

Common Tampa auto accident injuries include:

Spinal Cord Injury – Damage to the sensory and motor function of the spinal cord which can lead to paralysis.
Traumatic Brain Injury – Occurs when an external force causes damage, short or long term, to the brain’s function.
Whiplash- A neck injury caused by flexion or hyperextension.

While you focus on recovery, an attorney can also assist in dealing with your insurance company, which is often the most complex aspect of a car accident claim. Insured drivers rightfully expect their provider to cover policy limits. However, many times, the insurer is not willing to give a client the appropriate compensation.
Experienced personal injury attorneys who have handled many Tampa car accident claims are prepared to fight insurance companies who attempt to take advantage of their clients.

Lawyers are equipped with experts in the following fields:
• Medical
• Forensics
• Life care
• Psychology
• Car accident reconstruction

Although they happen often, many car accident claims need to be handled by a professional with experience in this area of law. If you, or a loved one, have been injured or are dealing with a negligent insurance company, please don’t hesitate to contact an Tampa auto accident attorney who can help you receive the justice you deserve.

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